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Delivering Joy… Always
The best person to take care
of you will always be your mother.
And her mother before that.
And her mother's mother before that...
Because when it comes to caring, no one does this better than a mother.
And no one understands this better than The Cradle.

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Geared to handle not just the expected, but also the unexpected
Be it a routine procedure or an advanced gynaecological surgery from obstetrics to care, from conception to motherhood, we are not only equipped to handle expected outcomes, but also the unexpected, with our competent and experienced team of medical and surgical experts.

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Infrastructure built on international standards for patient’s safety and hygiene
Ultramodern Operation Theatres, Level III/IV Neotalogy ICUs, fully equipped Labour Rooms and Surgical ICUs have one thing in common- Patient safety and hygiene… only at The Cradle.

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The smallest of our customers need the greatest amount of dedicated care
Children are our greatest pride and joy! At The Cradle, we not only have the world class infranstructure and equipment but a team of dedicated Neonatologists and Paediatricians with vast experience to ensure even the tiniest of our patients get the greatest care.

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Therapeutic care at through our world class suites vibrant patient care rooms.
Wide range of suites at patient care rooms, designed with international aesthetics & ambience to ensure a patient’s comfort leading to an early recovery. Our high speed Wi-Fi access and select premier digital entertainment channels keep you just not connected but entertained.Our suites are furnished with 5 star amenities and feels like you never left home.

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  • Holistic family healthcare solutions in the heart of South Bangalore

    Holistic family healthcare solutions in the hea

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    Geared to handle not just the expected, but the

  • Infrastructure built on international standards for patient’s safety and hygiene

    Infrastructure built on international standards

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    The smallest of the patients need greatest of a

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    Therapeutic care through our vibrant patient ca


Care is of the Essence
The Apollo legacy of touching lives is based on a simple truth. Every indian, in every stage of life has the right to the best medical care possible. Pregnancy and motherhood are wonderful chapters in a woman’s life. Why then should the actual experience of delivering a baby, be anything else? Apollo Hospitals presents The Cradle. A boutique birthing center, conceived to ensure that the birthing experience will never be the same again. For the mother, For her baby. For her entire family! True to its motto, ‘Delivering Joy’, The Cradle is here to help every mother deliver her baby in an environment of comfort and warmth, supported by a compassionate team of nurses and physicians including obstetricians, gynaecologists, neonatologists and paediatricians.
Timely and accurate diagnosis of any illness is the key to a long and prosperous life.
The sweet journey of a woman from maternity to motherhood is the most cherishing & most crucial stage in her life. We, understand the importance of this journey.
Cosmo Derma Clinic at The The cradle is full fledged cosmetology center equipped with micro dermabsion unit..
The cradle born with the vision of helping women suffering from any ailment and celebrate womanhood ...


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